Miami After Sunset

So after I made it back to the hotel from our day trip, I received a call from some friends from Texas who were just making it to Miami. They stopped by my hotel and asked me to ride with them to their hotel. Once they checked in, we were back on the strip, which was a bit more lively at this point. I felt like the tour guide for some reason since I had just been there. We stopped at a few clubs and checked out all that Miami had to offer. While we were making it back to the hotel, we ran into these two ladies on the sidewalk. One of the girls was so drunk that she decided to take a nap there on the street. I spoke to the sober one and asked if I  could help get them to their hotel, so we walked about 3 blocks, when the complete drunk who we had to help walk came conscious and said we walked the wrong way. At that point we parted ways and made it to the hotel. We waited for the valet to bring the Viper out front, hopped in and jetted back to my hotel.


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